2020 Benchmarking/Tools Program

  1. Update Disability and Leave Benchmarking system and Full Cost Estimator (FCE) with the latest claims data (calendar year 2019).
  1. Revise Workers’ Compensation metrics. IBI will convene members of the Benchmarking Advisory Group to define new workers’ compensation metrics that best align with market reporting standards. These will permit reporting outcomes by loss year, most recent calendar year, and development of claims at six-month intervals.
  1. Expand IBI Data Consortium. IBI will continue to identify additional sources of workers’ compensation and FMLA leave data. Our 2020 goal is to add at least one additional data source with substantial employers for each program.
  1. Continue IBI Benchmarking Analytics report series. IBI will continue to use Benchmarking data to produce short analytic reports based on members’ questions and insights. The intent is to deliver market-relevant information not yet available in industry reports and demonstrate the broad capabilities of the Benchmarking database. A report analyzing the impact of New York Paid Family Leave laws on FMLA leaves in 2018 is currently in development.