2020 Forum and Education Agenda

  1. Partner with Conference Board for Fall 2020 health and productivity conference. As part of the planning process for the 2020 joint IBI-Conference Board event, IBI and Conference Board have met about program content and scheduling, revenue and expense breakdowns, attendee survey responses, and additional feedback. The 2020 conference will seek to build on the momentum of the 2019 Forum featuring a mix of sponsored and unsponsored speaking sessions and an exhibit hall. The Conference Board has helped identify several potential cost savings measures as well as additional revenue opportunities and is exploring hotels in Chicago for locations. The Forum/Education Board Advisory Group will be consulted during Forum development and implementation.
  1. Hold three regional events across the country. The first 2020 regional event will be a joint event with the Pacific Business Group on Health to co-host on the topic of biosimilars and similar topics of discussion. The second, to be held in the spring of 2020, will be a repeat of the Mental Health Symposium we held in May of 2019; the location of this event is to be determined. The last regional meeting will focus on data and will focus on how employers can better understand their data across programs, the questions they should ask and the analyses that should be undertaken.
  1. Increase IBINext membership and events in 2020. IBINext membership grew by 25% in 2019. The next IBINext events will be attached to the Forum in September, a joint program with PBGH and additional events added to the other regional programs if planning and schedule permits. We also plan to form a full committee with IBINext issue groups, which consists of legislative (state and federal), pharmacy pipeline, and healthcare. The plan is to create a pathway for IBINext members to convene annually to discuss upcoming issues and advise the Board and Research committees.
  1. Host monthly webinars on 2020 research reports and IBI tools. The goal of this content development strategy is to enhance the usefulness of IBI’s work for employers and give supplier members training on our tools, plus the opportunity to bring their expertise to bear in providing practical guidance to employers.