Absence Cost Estimator (ACE)

The ACE allows you to generate the total cost of absence in the workplace, including the number of lost workdays, wage replacement payments, and lost productivity costs. For a more comprehensive picture, try the Full Cost Estimator (FCE)

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ACE helps you quickly understand the potential magnitude of absence in your company and its total costs.

Using information from Dr. Sean Nicholson’s 2006 health economics research and estimates from IBI’s proprietary Full Cost Estimator (FCE), the ACE provides insights into what the average annual costs of unplanned injury and illness absences are for an organization like yours.

Begin by selecting an industry. You can then refine the model further by adding details specific to your company in the following fields (optional).

The Absence Cost Estimator Tool

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All IBI Members have free access to ACE. Check out the sample report in the table below and begin generating your own.

Absence Cost Estimator
Sample Report
  • Overall absence costs
  • Wage replacement payments
  • Lost productivity costs
  • Total lost workdays
  • Lost workdays per full-time employee
  • Potential health-related absence reduction savings
Simply provide your industry and the number of employees at your organization. You also have the option of specifying the % of full time workers (don’t worry if you don’t know—an estimate based on your industry will be used)