IBI’s research explores the connections between people, productivity and performance (3Ps).

Because we have an integrated and holistic view of the 3Ps, it is rare that research or any asset type would focus exclusively on just one of them. Below you can see how we define each part of the 3Ps. IBI studies how these components are related to employer policies, practices and other solutions aimed at improving the connections between employee health and wellbeing and business performance.

IBI 3Ps - People


Attributes associated with people such as their health, social determinants, skills, behaviors, engagement levels and wellbeing are all key aspects of what describes an employee.

IBI 3Ps - Productivity


A measure of the quantity and quality of a worker’s output over inputs (includes absence, presenteeism, disability leaves and other measures of work outcomes).

IBI 3Ps - Performance


A measure of business performance. IBI is interested in how healthy people contribute to business value and what employers can do to support the health and wellbeing of their workers and the health of their business.

In general terms, greater health and wellbeing for people helps them be more productive. Greater individual productivity leads to better overall business performance. The opposite is also true. An unhealthy person is less productive, which affects a company’s performance and its ability to achieve business goals.