Benchmarking is a powerful tool to help you understand where there may be opportunities to improve your disability program relative to specific industry groups.

IBI’s database is the largest of its kind.

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The current annual database is built on:

SIC industry groups
major data providers

Aetna, Anthem Life/Wellpoint, Broadspire, CareWorks, Cigna, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Prudential, RSLI/Matrix, Sedgwick CMS, The Hartford, The Reed Group, The Standard & Unum

What's New?

Watch our 25-minute video about the newest features of IBI’s benchmarking data.

You’ll learn what’s new in IBI’s revised STD, LTD, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation reports and where to go to access these reports.

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IBI Benchmarking Analytics

We feature a series of reports built upon the IBI benchmarking data.

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Download Sample Industry Summary Reports

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The benchmarking reports are outlined in the table below:

Industry Summary
Sample Reports
Reports on the state of a specific industry. Easy to generate, you just need an SIC code and a site login. Stakeholder, Charter and Associate members Free online access for Stakeholder & Charter members, limited access for Associate members
Employer Direct
Sample Report
Enter your company’s STD, LTD, FML and WC data online and compare its specific cost, incidence and duration results to those in the industry of your choice. Employers & Suppliers submitting client data $500
Database Query Tool
Sample Report
Produce real-time reports from our benchmarking database and filter results by industry, location, plan type, employer size, claimant age, claimant sex and insurance type. Stakeholders Free with Stakeholder membership
Stewardship Tables
View Tables
Integrate leave and disability benchmarks into your client reporting with convenient Excel files of summary STD, LTD, and FMLA results for every industry in our benchmarking inventory. Diagnosis results by industry for STD and LTD. Charter and Stakeholders Free with Charter or Stakeholder membership

The Benchmarking Tool

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