Learn from peers, in companies like yours, how they took on a challenge, which solutions they adopted, and what their results were. IBI case studies include actionable recommendations, so you can factor them into your decision-making as your organization embarks on similar journeys.

Featured Case Studies

Webinar: Redesigning to Better Manage Absence & Disability

Jul 8, 2015|

Fraser Health, a Canadian organization with 24,000 employees, worked with StaffRelay to create a program to better approach and manage absence and disability. Through an extensive redesign process, a comprehensive electronic employee health record, an Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP), and an automated attendance reporting solution, Fraser Health has produced a return on investment of [...]

Webinar: Telemedicine: Innovative Approaches to Health Care

Jul 6, 2015|

Penske, a global transportation services provider, partnered with Aetna and Teladoc to explore a telemedicine care option. This webinar will address innovative remote approaches to health care as well as the key elements of an effective deployment strategy that achieves maximal adoption and impact. Panelists Rich Feifer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, National Accounts, Aetna Joe [...]

Webinar: Metro Nashville Public Schools Links Teacher Health to Cost Savings & Academic Achievement

Jun 10, 2015|

On-site clinics and value-based healthcare benefits for teachers and administrative staff helped Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) save $2.8 million dollars in 2012. Perhaps more importantly, healthier teachers are associated with less employee absence and better school performance.  Please also read IBI's case study on the story. Panelists David Hines, Director of Employee Benefits [...]

Webinar: Low Back Pain: A Major Employer Uses Guidelines to Manage Quality, Costs & Outcomes

Jun 10, 2015|

Up to 84% of the general population reports low back pain at some point during their lifetime. This webinar will focus on a recent, award-winning study of three different types of back problems at a major self-insured employer. Speakers will discuss issues key to developing a successful program focusing on illness/injury prevention, reduction of workers' [...]

How Kaiser Permanente Optimized Health and Productivity through Integrated Disability Management

Apr 1, 2014|

Speakers: Marlene Dines, National IDM Leader, Kaiser Permanente Nicole Stelter, PhD, Product Manager, Kaiser Permanente This presentation focused on optimizing employee health and productivity through Integrated Disability Management (IDM). Kaiser Permanente's task force of senior management and labor leaders is supported by a community of subject matter experts, which helps them map out how labor, [...]

How a Major Retailer Improved Health and Productivity during the Recession

Mar 31, 2014|

Speakers: Matthew Harmon, Benefits Delivery and Retirement Director, JCPenney Teresa Bartlett, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Quality, Sedgwick U.S. retail industry was hard hit by the global economic downturn that began in 2008. As one of the leading retailers affected by the recession, JCPenny was dedicated to improving their health and productivity programs despite the [...]

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