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HDHP Benefit Design Considerations for Members on Specialty Medications

Oct 30, 2018|

Chronic diseases may affect many members, and these conditions can be costly to employers. Although the prevalence of complex, chronic diseases is low, the conditions can be costly. In an attempt to manage direct health care costs, many employers have turned to high deductible health plans (HDHPs) with health savings accounts (HSAs). Unfortunately, members [...]

Impact of Co-pay Accumulator Adjustor Programs on Specialty Drug Use

Oct 30, 2018|

How do Co-pay Accumulator Adjustor Programs (CAAPs) affect the refill adherence and discontinuation of specialty medications? Members in HDHPs with HSAs often meet their entire deductible within the first few months of the year if they are taking a specialty medication. Because of the need to have funds to cover this entire amount so [...]

Putting the Focus on Endometriosis

Mar 28, 2018|

This resource discusses endometriosis and understanding the impact of complex chronic diseases beyond diabetes and hypertension. Endometriosis happens when tissue lining the uterus grows elsewhere in the body and continues to grow and bleed as it normally does during the menstrual cycle. Scar tissue and inflammation can result, causing pain and other complications, including [...]

Increasing the Human Capital Investment: Why it makes sense to invest even more on healthcare for

Jun 15, 2017|

This brochure outlines the importance of looking at human capital maintenance as an ongoing investment for employers, just like they look at other capital investments. It provides a holistic look at direct medical costs and other organizational costs (a.k.a. indirect costs) in terms of the human capital investment. In addition, this brochure highlights three human [...]

Rx Benefits Brief: Co-Pay Assistance and High Deductibles

Jun 12, 2017|

For individuals with complex, chronic conditions like RA, finding the right treatment can be a long and difficult journey. Many are facing high costs due to cost sharing for premiums, deductibles, and Rx out-of-pocket (OOP) amounts. Manufacturers offer commercial co-pay assistance, but there are financial limits to this help. Programs are being offered to [...]

The 2017 Guardian Absence Management Activity Index and Study

May 16, 2017|

Get insights into the progress employers have made with managing employee leaves as well as opportunities to achieve further positive outcomes by enhancing elements of an absence management strategy. Learn about the elements of absence management programs that are gaining the most traction; how successful employers have been in reaching goals, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, [...]

Dialing in a solution to help dial back health costs-the rise of telemedicine

Mar 14, 2017|

Employer use of telehealth technologies has proliferated over the last decade. While the diagnosis and treatment of urgent-care type conditions have traditionally been the target for benefits managers seeking to reduce ER spend—in the last few years the breadth of conditions addressed by telemedicine has expanded into areas such as tele-behavioral health and tele-dermatology—to name [...]

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