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Want to put your 3Ps plan into action? These tools and specific steps can help.

Best Practices for Supporting the Emotional Health and Well-Being of Your Employees

Jun 22, 2015|

On June 12th, IBI Executive Vice President Dr. Kim Jinnett presented findings on behavioral health and business-related outcomes at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Workplace Wellness Summit. Sandia National Laboratories provided practical how-to advice from an employer’s perspective around behavioral health improvements tied to job-relevant outcomes.

Finding Value in Data — A Practical Guide to Effectively using IBI’s Benchmarking Reports

Nov 15, 2013|

Finding Value in Data. Both employers and suppliers are under growing pressure to find data that are useful in identifying and solving real problems. IBI has developed a slide deck with notes that provides a practical guide to IBI members in how to use IBI¹s new lost-time industry benchmarking reports to meet this need. [...]

Value vs. Cost in Health Care with IBI President, Dr. Thomas Parry Video Produced by Aetna, Inc.

Oct 31, 2013|

Entering an era where the value of health care pulls more weight than just the cost, IBI president Dr. Thomas Parry speaks to the opportunity that HR Directors have to become an influential and informed voice in the current dialogue on enhancing the health of a workforce. In learning how and what to measure, HR [...]

What’s the question for employers: “what does illness cost us” or “what does health buy us?”

Mar 1, 2013|

The Problem: Human resources and benefits managers could make a stronger case for the value of health and wellness benefits by making senior leaders’ key business performance metrics – measures of what their organizations actually do, rather than simply the costs of doing it – a central outcome when reporting the results of their health-related [...]

Winning together: turning vendors into partners to improve workforce health and productivity

Jan 1, 2010|

Employers traditionally organize their health-related benefits programs in independent silos. The result is a patchwork of overlapping vendors often targeting the same group of people with chronic health conditions. As employers try to integrate their health-related programs with a more focused strategy, the question arises: how can I get my vendors to follow me in [...]

Winning ways: how to gain c-suite support for health & productivity management

Jan 1, 2008|

Employee wellness, health management and disease management programs have proven to be good approaches for improving workforce health and productivity. But how do you demonstrate the business value of these programs to your C-Suite? In this 30 minute DVD you'll learn from a 66,000 life Fortune 500 corporation how to make a compelling business case [...]

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