Press Releases

Press Release: Poor Health Costs US Employers $530 Billion and 1.4 Billion Work Days of Absence and Impaired Performance According to Integrated Benefits Institute

Nov 14, 2018|

Lost productivity due to avoidable workforce absence and low performance accounts for almost 63% of the cost of benefits. SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 15, 2018 – US employers paid nearly $880 billion in health care benefits for employees and dependents. However, illness-related lost productivity costs them another $530 billion per year, per a new [...]

Press Release: IBI Releases Nation’s Largest Disability/Leave Benchmarking Database Reports

Sep 26, 2018|

Data helps employers manage health, disability and productivity programs SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 27, 2018 –The non-profit Integrated Benefits Institute has released its latest reports from the nation’s largest disability/leave benchmarking database used by employers, brokers and other benefits professionals to help employers assess the impact of their health and productivity programs as compared [...]

Press Release: IBI Study Finds Medication Adherence Improves Productivity for Employees with Diabetes and Other Conditions

Aug 8, 2018|

Annual productivity savings to employers is estimated at $794 per employee with diabetes SAN FRANCISCO – August 8, 2018 – A review of 13 scientific studies found that chronically ill employees who take their medications as prescribed have significantly fewer sick day and short-term disability (STD) absences. The review was conducted by the Integrated [...]

Press Release: Migraine Impacts Employers in both Health Care Spend and Lost Productivity Per Integrated Benefits Institute Study

Jun 13, 2018|

SAN FRANCISCO – June 13, 2018 – Employers bear more than the costs of medical treatments for employees who suffer with migraine—there are also substantial costs due to lost work time. This is among the findings [...]

Press Release: Integrated Benefits Institute Creates IBInext to Showcase Workforce Health Industry’s Rising Stars

Mar 12, 2018|

SAN FRANCISCO – March 12, 2018 – At its 2018 Annual Forum, the non-profit Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) announced the formation of an exclusive group of high-potential young professionals in the health benefits industry. IBInext has been created to identify and bring together the next generation of health benefit leaders. “We’ve established IBInext to [...]

Press Release: MetroHealth Honored by IBI for Health & Productivity Leadership

Mar 25, 2017|

San Fancisco, CA, March 28, 2017 -- MetroHealth System (MHS) was honored with the Integrated Benefit Institute’s 2017 Enterprise Health Management & Business Performance Award at the IBI Annual Forum in San Francisco. The award recognizes leadership in the area of health and productivity, and honors an employer that has worked with its employees to develop, [...]

Press Release: Chronic Conditions, Workplace Safety, and Job Demands Contribute to Absenteeism and Job Performance

Feb 7, 2017|

San Francisco, CA, February 7, 2017 -  Employees with chronic health conditions, demanding jobs, or unsafe working conditions are less productive, according to a new study in Health Affairs by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), the Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health, and Segue Consulting. The study found that workers [...]

Press Release: Temporarily Disabled Workers Account For A Disproportionate Share of Health Care Payments

Feb 7, 2017|

San Francisco, CA, February 7, 2017 -- About one in four employees in a cohort of 408,000 US workers took a temporary leave of absence from work because of illness or injury over a five-year period—but they accounted for over half (about $4.7 billion) of health care payments and another $1.8 billion in lost productivity. A [...]