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A Tale of Two Vendors: Driving business performance through integration and collaboration

Mar 13, 2018|

Executing an Enterprise-wide Return-to-Work Strategy over the last two years, Comcast has implemented a return-to-work (RTW) strategy focused on navigating the employee through the process, regardless if the injury was work-related or not. Their out-sourced model successfully brought two large scale administrators together for the purpose of achieving one goal - create foundational processes that [...]

Paid Leave, Productivity, and Practicality: A Case Study from Northwell Health

Mar 12, 2018|

This case study that will highlight the multi-pronged analysis undertaken by Northwell Health, a 60,000 employee health system headquartered on Long Island, and its partners (American Benefit Consulting & Prudential) as they developed and implemented a paid parental leave strategy and program. Specifically, this presentation will explore (a) the custom benchmarking Northwell used to inform [...]

Keynote Session: The Health Plan as an Enabler of Improved Engagement, Productivity and Improved Business Performance (aka How to capture the attention of the C-Suite when talking Consumer Engagement!)

Mar 12, 2018|

How does a Plan Sponsor's Health Plan enable improved business performance? How does improved Employee Engagement drive increased Productivity? Delta Airlines was faced with these and other business challenges in a highly competitive industry. Every corner of the Delta Airline enterprise was asked to work creatively to seek new sources of "value" for the organization. [...]

Plenary Session 1 – Applying Big Data Analytics to Magnify Health Program Engagement

Mar 12, 2018|

This session will highlight the evolution of a coordinated, proactive outreach program that leverages both comprehensive, integrated data and a Big-Data analytics engine. This one-of-a-kind project uses a data platform that incorporates all benefits, workplace factors, health risks, job performance, business unit characteristics, community metrics (and much more) to improve the wellbeing and business outcomes [...]

Work is Changing and Reshaping Return to Work

Mar 12, 2018|

Employment conditions are increasingly less predictable; the large factory of the last century has been replaced by a highly distributed workforce, often working at home or out of a service or delivery vehicle, where the only interaction with co-workers or managers is through electronic communication. Jobs are changing or vanishing due to automation, artificial intelligence, [...]

Early Stage Technology Showcase

Mar 12, 2018|

The IBI Labs’ Early Stage Health Care and Employee Benefit Technology session offered selected technology companies the unique and valuable opportunity to present to IBI members and attendees at the IBI Forum on March 12, 2018 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. IBI Labs teamed up with Windancer Technologies, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based [...]

A Fresh Look at Using Data to Drive Organizational Change

Mar 12, 2018|

Dr. Bruce Sherman will explore how one critical variable continues to be missing from the HR strategic equation in most organizations--the health and wellbeing of the employees. The evidence for the impact of health and wellbeing issues on all the dimensions of workplace performance--physical, mental, and psychosocial--is substantial and growing. Yet most companies fail to [...]

Translating Big Data To Personalized Outreach: Innovation In Proactive Mental Health Management

Jul 12, 2017|

Description: In this presentation, a representative from University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers (UPMC) along with a research team will describe a unique, integrated approach to support employees, illustrating how the newest Big Data capabilities are revolutionizing the ability to tailor outreach to individual employee needs. Specifically, presenters will describe a successful approach to support [...]

Plenary Session: An Integrated Approach to Behavior Health Claims – Reducing Time Away from Work

Mar 27, 2017|

Mark Tenney, Intermountain Healthcare, Director of Compensation & Benefits Terri Anne Flint, PhD, Intermountain Healthcare, Director of Employee Wellness & EAP Scott Roths, Willis Towers Watson, Senior Consultant Kimberly Mashburn, The Hartford, National Accounts Practice Lead