Disability Diagnosis Analyzer

Understand the disability burden (average incidence rate, costs, and duration of leave) resulting from illnesses or injuries in the workforce

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How does IBI's Disability Diagnosis Analyzer Work?

IBI's Disability Diagnosis Analyzer uses 15 million short-term disability (STD) and 4 million long-term disability (LTD) claims from its Disability and Leave Benchmarking system to illustrate the disability burden of illnesses, diseases, injuries and pregnancies. The data are claims from employer-sponsored disability policies from 2011 to 2019.

We project the total number of disability incidents for the U.S. workforce covered for employer-based STD benefits. We then project the total costs of a typical incident based on average STD wage replacements, the likelihood that it will become an LTD claim, and the average LTD wage replacements. Users can see and compare which illnesses are the costliest, occur the most frequently, require the most time away from work, and more.

Disability Diagnosis Analyzer

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Disability Diagnostics

Data from this tool is used to create a series of snapshots that provide estimates of the business costs and lost work time from employees entering in the U.S. disability system due to specific conditions.

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