Cost burdens of employee health risks and disease are negatively impacting how US businesses compete globally.

To stop this negative trend, organizations need to rethink their initiatives so they can positively impact people, productivity and business performance.

A Different Conversation for a New Approach

Businesses aren’t alone in this quest. They are joined by insurance carriers, state, local and federal governments, academic researchers and other vested entities.

These organizations all recognize the need to accelerate change and adopt more comprehensive and better practices for health, wellbeing and productivity to maintain global competitive advantage.

IBI Labs opens the door to a different conversation for a new approach.

In partnership with founding collaborators, IBI Labs will:

  • Promote an understanding for employers of what ‘good’ looks like, and where they need to go to make it even better

  • Help suppliers appreciate what adds the highest ‘value’ to meet present challenges, but with a view to future demands

  • Offer a blueprint of next steps to make decisions for the best business outcomes today, but with an eye on the future

IBI Labs will draw upon IBI’s proven foundation of research and benchmarking, its networking platform for interaction and discovery, and it’s data-to-action resources to promote discovery, testing, learning and growth. Our goal is to help our members accelerate health and wellbeing Initiatives for future business success.

IBI Labs will be built on 5 foundational cornerstones:

Initial Offerings

Expand IBI’s member network of 1,250+ employers to create comprehensive, trusted market intelligence. Business leaders can benchmark their companies against similar entities and network, share and learn from like-minded decision-makers.

Team up with a founding collaborator, such as HLTH, to explore and document emerging technologies and services for improved population health. Determine what will deliver the highest value and impact on employee productivity and business performance.

IBI Labs will research and develop evaluation frameworks to measure new areas of innovation such as the health of the community, its impact on business performance, and intervention models that will provide the highest value.
Share ideas and conduct reviews of disruptive solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing employers. For example, what next generation pharmacy benefit management design could drive improved outcomes?

Next Steps

If you want to change the conversation, join IBI Labs to help find new approaches and better practices for health, wellbeing and productivity. Email us at ibilabs@ibiweb.com and give us an overview of you and your company. Together we’ll take the next steps towards the future.

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