IBIBridge in 2020

IBIBridge is designed to connect employers together to support their discussion of strategies, insights, experiences and solutions to their common health and productivity issues, and to provide them access to relevant subject-matter experts. While a specific issue will be highlighted each quarter, employers are free to post any and all questions they have for exploration.

IBI will continue to grow and improve IBIBridge throughout 2020, including improving the platform for the best possible and secure user experience, holding four Virtual Roundtables, reaching out to IBI members to grow the user base, and engaging a group of employer users in an advisory role to get feedback on the program.

Tech Platform. IBI will monitor how the tech platform is used and what, if any, shortfalls there are in order to improve the user experience.
Virtual Roundtables. Four Virtual Roundtables will be held in 2020 (Jan/Feb, April/May, July/Aug, Oct/Nov). To select the issues for the Virtual Roundtables, IBI will rely on reviewing what issues are trending on the tech platform, what trends are emerging in the market, issues surrounding IBI research, and advice from the IBIBridge Board Advisory Group. Virtual Roundtables will continue to be available to all employers regardless of membership but IBI membership will be required for suppliers to participate.
Employer Insights. As part of managing and monitoring IBIBridge, each quarter staff will identify the issues driving employer discussions. These insights will focus on:

  • What topics are trending as issues employers are most interested in.
  • What employers are saying their experience with these issues is.
  • What has worked, and what hasn’t worked for employers.
  • Key employer characteristics, such as size, industry and geographic location.
Develop revenue strategy. IBI will explore how we may generate future revenues through employer charges for participation in 2020. Other avenues to monetize IBIBridge will be explored as IBI evaluates the level of participation in IBIBridge and the direction it takes.
User participation/engagement. 2019 uptake of the platform since the initial Virtual Roundtable has been slow, as expected. To begin to build utilization and get users engaged, IBI is taking steps to reach out to members. One point that will be emphasized is that IBIBridge is more than just the Virtual Roundtable and is a continuing discussion on topics of interest to employers. In 2020, IBI will employ various tactics and communications strategies to find the best way to engage potential users.

  • IBI will continue to use questions from the first Virtual Roundtable to help start discussions among employers on the platform to seed its use.
  • IBI will continue to send registered IBIBridge users individual reminder emails about what they can get out of the IBIBridge platform.
  • An email campaign to the wider IBI audience will begin highlighting IBIBridge activity once there is a longer robust conversation occurring.
  • The recording of the first virtual roundtable will continue being used to show members what kind of discussions to expect from IBIBridge in order to attract new users.
  • Webinars will be held to educate employers about IBIBridge, how the technology platform works, and what they can gain.
  • Analytics from the improved reporting capabilities of IBIWeb.org will be used to target potential members and engage them based on their interests.