The Challenge. The complexity of managing workforce health/wellbeing, medical/pharmacy care, absence, and lost productivity -- and the data related to these components -- has become increasingly challenging for employers. Employers can gain valuable insights from others on these issues, but rarely have the opportunity to connect across the country with colleagues from inside and outside of their industry trying to solve the same problems.

The Opportunity. The Integrated Benefits Institute, the country’s leading nonprofit research and analytic organization focused on health and productivity has developed IBIBridge to help employers to overcome these barriers and share their experiences and perspectives with their peers.

The Process. IBIBridge will connect employers with each other through a private networking platform developed by IBI to explore strategies, insights, experiences and solutions organized around the key issues. IBI will also be moderating the discussion and work with leading subject-matter experts to gather guidance and provide answers to the most pressing questions.

As COVID-19 brings forth evolving changes and challenges, IBI has created a repository of resources to help the businesses stay informed on the latest research, data, and information regarding COVID-19. These resources features information ranging from government guidance, COVID-19 progression trackers, cost and intervention projections, suggested published research readings, and more. These topics and resources are now being discussed on IBIBridge and we invite you to join that conversation.

Join the Conversation. In addition to networking with other employers online and sharing knowledge with one another, participants have access to virtual roundtables with employer panels to discuss the most prevalent issues seen on the IBIBridge platform. To start participating in IBIBridge today, fill out this form to register, and you will receive your account login information shortly.