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May 20 Webinar: New Tool & Model for Estimating COVID-19 Employee Cases & Leave Costs

IBI presented on a new analytics tool: an interactive map of U.S. employee COVID-19 cases and leave costs to date based on state, metropolitan, and county variation in confirmed cases, employment patterns, industry mix, and wages. Dr. Brian Gifford discussed the tool and the underlying model as well as what the findings mean for employers’ [...]

May 12 Webinar: Building a Culture of Health in the Workplace… and what this means in the age of COVID-19

Offering health promotion programs have become a central strategy for businesses to improve employee well-being, manage chronic conditions, and reduce illness-related absence and impaired job performance in the workplace. According to CDC’s 2017 Workplace Health in America report, about half of all U.S. employers offer at least one health promotion program for their employees. However, [...]

Moving Upstream of the Opioid Epidemic

The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative (KHC) held a half day event to learn about pain – where we’ve come from, where we are, and how employers can drive where we need to go. IBI Researcher Erin Peterson presented a framework to help employers better understand the full economic impact of a healthy workforce, and how the [...]

April 9 Webinar: Understanding the Business Value of the Patient- Provider Relationship

Patient-provider relationships built on open communications, empathy and shared decision-making can pave the way to higher quality treatment, better outcomes, and lower costs. But what happens when physician turnover, network changes, or other events disrupt these relationships? How does this impact patients and payers—particularly employers in the larger business community? Recent research conducted by IBI [...]

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IBIBridge Pilot – Mental Health in the Workforce

IBIBridge is designed to connect employers to support their discussion of strategies, insights, experiences and solutions to their common health and productivity issues, and to provide them access to relevant subject-matter experts. While a specific issue will be highlighted each quarter, employers are free to post any and all questions they have for exploration. The [...]

The Productivity Burden of Migraine

Brian Gifford, IBI’s Director of Research and Analytics, presented research findings at a meeting of the National Headache Foundation’s Corporate Leadership Council, San Diego, on October 12. His talk presented findings from two IBI publications demonstrating the productivity impact of migraine and providing evidence that businesses performance can benefit from efforts to help employees manage their migraines and other chronic, severe [...]

IBI Leave Policy Benchmarking Presentation

Brian Gifford, IBI’s director of research and measurement, kicked off the 2018 DMEC Annual Conference in Austin and presented the latest findings from our Leave Policy Benchmarking Series. Dr. Gifford offered insight for employers on how their leave programs stack up against the competition. Attracting and retaining a workforce is even more critical in these [...]

Managers on the Move: Why Managers Hold the Key to Better Well-Being at Work

Research shows that managers may have a bigger impact on employee engagement than any other factor. This session explores the outcomes and lessons learned from the implementation of a cutting edge program: Managers on the Move. The panelists are joined by the CEO of Healthstat, who shares his first-hand account of the experience and [...]

Toward Better Value: Employer Perspectives on Managing Prescription Drug Benefits

Learn what employers can do to get better value for money spent on prescription drug benefits.  First, Chuck Reynolds of Benfield-Gallagher reviews key findings from research on employer experience and perspectives regarding pharmacy benefits management. Then, Kristen Putnam of Praxair describes her company’s journey from a traditional PBM vendor relationship to collaboration with their [...]

Leveraging IBI Tools

BI Director of Research and Analytics Dr. Brian Gifford covers practical measurement tools and strategies for linking employee health, wellbeing and productivity. These resources can help employers better understand the opportunities for improving the health and productivity of their people, and improve the value that suppliers provide to their clients and partners.