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May 12 Webinar: Building a Culture of Health in the Workplace… and what this means in the age of COVID-19

Offering health promotion programs have become a central strategy for businesses to improve employee well-being, manage chronic conditions, and reduce illness-related absence and impaired job performance in the workplace. According to CDC’s 2017 Workplace Health in America report, about half of all U.S. employers offer at least one health promotion program for their employees. However, [...]

Making a Culture of Health Actionable for Employers

Efforts to improve workforce health and productivity by emphasizing a corporate “culture of health” may bolster efforts to improve participation in workplace health and wellbeing programs. IBI reviewed the existing peer-reviewed research literature on the topic of organizational culture and program participation – giving additional attention to studies that provide insights into the impact on [...]

The Business Value of the Patient-Provider Relationship

Patient-provider relationships built on open communications, empathy and shared decision making can pave the way to higher quality treatment, better outcomes, and lower costs. But what happens when physician turnover, network changes, or other events disrupt these relationships? How does this impact patients and payers—particularly employers in the larger business community? Recent research conducted by [...]

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Lead, Support, Communicate: Organizational Culture and Participation in Workplace Health Programs

Efforts to improve workforce health and productivity by emphasizing a corporate “culture of health” may bolster participation in workplace health and wellbeing programs. However, a culture of health is difficult to assess. IBI conducted a review of 17 peer-reviewed research studies focused on the topic of organizational culture and program participation. The most commonly measured [...]

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IBI Costs of Poor Health Infographic-2018

US employers paid nearly $880 billion in health care benefits for employees and dependents, but how much does illness-related lost productivity cost employers? IBI uses data from IBI’s Full Cost Estimator, a proprietary online tool that analyzes the full costs of health and productivity based on several large databases, to assess this. The FCE model [...]

Managers on the Move: Why Managers Hold the Key to Better Well-Being at Work

Research shows that managers may have a bigger impact on employee engagement than any other factor. This session explores the outcomes and lessons learned from the implementation of a cutting edge program: Managers on the Move. The panelists are joined by the CEO of Healthstat, who shares his first-hand account of the experience and [...]

Employers Top Information Needs

IBI’s Annual Forum is the premiere professional gathering for business intelligence about workforce health and productivity. The March 2017 Forum in San Francisco once again showcased thought leadership, expert guidance, and rigorous analysis focused on how investments in workforce health can improve employers’ business performance. The success of the Forum does not happen by accident—everything [...]

IBI – Rayburn House Migraine Panel

Research!America hosted a congressional briefing on migraines in Washington DC. IBI Research Director Dr. Brian Gifford participated in this moderated panel alongside speakers representing the patient community, providers, government, and the research sector. The briefing focused on the debilitating impact of migraines on health, the economy and society, highlighting developments in research, prevention and treatment, and policies to reduce the [...]

Illness Has Costs, Health Creates Business Value

IBI hosts a panel discussion at the 2017 Forum featuring: Thomas Parry, PhD, Integrated Benefits Institute, President Brian Gifford, PhD, Integrated Benefits Institute, Director of Research & Measurement Craig Kurtzweil, Unitedhealthcare, National Vice President of Data Analytics & Innovation Dexter Shurney, MD, Cummins, Inc., Chief Medical Director – Executive Director of Global Health Benefits & [...]