Disability Diagnosis Analyzer

IBI's Disability Diagnosis Analyzer uses short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) claims from its Disability and Leave Benchmarking system to illustrate the disability burden of illnesses, diseases, injuries and pregnancies. We project the total number of disability incidents for the U.S. workforce covered for employer-based STD benefits. We then project the total costs of [...]

The Health and Productivity Impact of Chronic Conditions Report: Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic condition that results in high levels of blood glucose. The most common form—type 2 diabetes—occurs as a result of impaired production of insulin. Diabetes occurs most often among older adults, particularly if they are overweight, obese, have high blood pressure or engage in little physical activity. If unmanaged, diabetes can lead [...]

Breathing Easier at Cleveland Clinic: Asthma Care Management and Major Work Disruptions

The Issue: Many employers implement care management (CM) programs as a way to help improve employees’ health and reduce the use of costly types of medical care. For health conditions that can be remedied fairly quickly, CM may also result in better near-term worker productivity – particularly, the avoidance of major productivity disruptions in the [...]

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