Managing Pain and Treating Musculoskeletal Conditions

MSK conditions are often among the top three cost areas for employers due to their high medical and prescription drug expenses and the resulting absenteeism and lost productivity. A report by the Center for Workplace Health and Performance coauthored by Integrated Benefits Institute and the National Association of Worksite Health Centers examines multiple care goals and [...]

Health and Productivity Research Priorities for 2021

IBI’s research agenda is developed annually to help show the link between healthy employees and their value to business in improved productivity. To focus our efforts, we surveyed our members to determine which research topics they would find most valuable to their organization’s health and productivity efforts. This report shares the survey results and analysis, [...]

Closing the Gap: The Business Value of Preventive Screenings

Screenings for serious health conditions save lives, reduce treatment recovery times, and lower healthcare costs. They may also improve workplace productivity if early detection helps avoid disability leaves. Unfortunately, screening gaps exist for several conditions with well-known recommendations. The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional barriers for screening to recommended guidelines. To illustrate the potential productivity [...]

The Business Advantage of Pandemic Emergency Plans and Employee Benefits

In May of 2020, IBI surveyed 318 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and other corporate senior financial executives. The main purpose of the survey was to assess how senior financial executives viewed the impact of employees’ health and their health benefits strategy— including healthcare and disability insurance, paid leave and sick days, and wellness/wellbeing programs—on business [...]

Making a Culture of Health Actionable for Employers

Efforts to improve workforce health and productivity by emphasizing a corporate “culture of health” may bolster efforts to improve participation in workplace health and wellbeing programs. IBI reviewed the existing peer-reviewed research literature on the topic of organizational culture and program participation – giving additional attention to studies that provide insights into the impact on [...]

April 9 Webinar: Understanding the Business Value of the Patient- Provider Relationship

Patient-provider relationships built on open communications, empathy and shared decision-making can pave the way to higher quality treatment, better outcomes, and lower costs. But what happens when physician turnover, network changes, or other events disrupt these relationships? How does this impact patients and payers—particularly employers in the larger business community? Recent research conducted by IBI [...]

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