Webinar September 9: Closing the Gap on Preventive Screenings

IBI Researcher Erin Peterson, MPH shared the latest IBI research on the gaps in preventive screenings for chronic conditions and cancers, highlighting employee health and productivity opportunities for improvement. Erin and IBI President Kelly McDevitt were joined by Kathleen Herath, former Associate Vice President of Wellbeing & Safety and discussed what Nationwide has learned from [...]

Making a Culture of Health Actionable for Employers

Efforts to improve workforce health and productivity by emphasizing a corporate “culture of health” may bolster efforts to improve participation in workplace health and wellbeing programs. IBI reviewed the existing peer-reviewed research literature on the topic of organizational culture and program participation – giving additional attention to studies that provide insights into the impact on [...]

IBIBridge Pilot – Mental Health in the Workforce

IBIBridge is designed to connect employers to support their discussion of strategies, insights, experiences and solutions to their common health and productivity issues, and to provide them access to relevant subject-matter experts. While a specific issue will be highlighted each quarter, employers are free to post any and all questions they have for exploration. The [...]

Benchmarking Analytics: Short- And Long-Term Disability Outcomes for Mental and Behavioral Health Claim

To help understand the impact of mental and behavioral health disorders on disability, IBI conducted an analysis of short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) costs and durations using claims from its Benchmarking data system. The analysis found that mental/behavioral health claims—particularly claims for depression and other mood disorders—are relatively common, last longer than claims [...]

The Impact of Supporting Your Working Caregivers

The "silver tsunami" of baby boomers are reaching their end-of-life, causing a massive impact on the lives of their adult children. These children try to balance work responsibilities with the needs of their parents leading to absentee and presentee challenges in the workplace. This webinar presentation explores the following questions: How much of an impact [...]

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