Press Release: IBI Releases Nation’s Largest Disability/Leave Benchmarking Database Reports

Sep 26, 2018|

Data helps employers manage health, disability and productivity programs SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 27, 2018 –The non-profit Integrated Benefits Institute has released its latest reports from the nation’s largest disability/leave benchmarking database used by employers, brokers and other benefits professionals to help employers assess the impact of their health and productivity programs as compared [...]

2016 Integrated Health Care Report

May 18, 2016|

A summary of Anthem Inc.'s extensive research to date on integrated health care (IHC). IHC is an emerging employee benefits strategy that connects pharmacy, dental, vision, disability and absence management data to an employer’s population health program to reduce costs and improve health outcomes.The research clearly show that employers are starting to integrate their health [...]

The High Costs of Low Prevalence Diseases – Evidence from IBI’s 2013 Benchmarking Data

Sep 17, 2014|

The Issue: When it comes to managing workforce health and productivity, employers typically focus on costly, high-prevalence conditions such as low back pain, depression and obesity. However, less common diseases can still take their toll through wage replacement and lost productivity costs when cases end up in the disability system. Evidence: To demonstrate this [...]

Finding Value in Data — A Practical Guide to Effectively using IBI’s Benchmarking Reports

Nov 15, 2013|

Finding Value in Data. Both employers and suppliers are under growing pressure to find data that are useful in identifying and solving real problems. IBI has developed a slide deck with notes that provides a practical guide to IBI members in how to use IBI¹s new lost-time industry benchmarking reports to meet this need. [...]

The Cost of an Absence: IBI’s Lost Productivity Method

Oct 4, 2013|

IBI recently explained its method of valuing a health-related absence to a group of benefits professionals from one of our member organizations. The valuation method takes into account both wage replacement expenses and associated opportunity costs - such as missed revenue opportunities, overtime and substitute workers. This annotated slide deck was developed for that presentation. [...]

Data Strategies for Managing Health and Productivity

Jan 1, 2013|

In response to shifting economic, market, political and demographic forces, employers are broadening their strategies in managing workforce health to encompass dimensions beyond just the cost of health care. As a result, they are not only focused on a new set of “business-relevant” health outcomes—such as absence, disability, health-related employee performance and their productivity consequences—but they are recognizing the need to [...]

Workforce Health and Productivity: How Employers Measure, Benchmark and Use Productivity Outcomes

Aug 1, 2011|

This resource shows how nine employers used lost-time self reports to move the dial on health & productivity management. The nine case studies include key insights for almost everyone, regardless of size. A summary focuses on the detail across all programs and features unique circumstances for individual case studies. The case studies show how a [...]

Does Industry Make a Difference?

Nov 1, 2007|

Employers always search for valid information about how they compare within their industry on costs and lost-time durations in workers’ compensation and disability. The underlying question in this exploration is “Does industry really make a difference in benefits program results or are other factors more important?”

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