Business Value of Health

How a Major Retailer Improved Health and Productivity during the Recession

Mar 31, 2014|

Speakers: Matthew Harmon, Benefits Delivery and Retirement Director, JCPenney Teresa Bartlett, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Quality, Sedgwick U.S. retail industry was hard hit by the global economic downturn that began in 2008. As one of the leading retailers affected by the recession, JCPenny was dedicated to improving their health and productivity programs despite the [...]

Value vs. Cost in Health Care with IBI President, Dr. Thomas Parry Video Produced by Aetna, Inc.

Oct 31, 2013|

Entering an era where the value of health care pulls more weight than just the cost, IBI president Dr. Thomas Parry speaks to the opportunity that HR Directors have to become an influential and informed voice in the current dialogue on enhancing the health of a workforce. In learning how and what to measure, HR [...]

What’s the question for employers: “what does illness cost us” or “what does health buy us?”

Mar 1, 2013|

The Problem: Human resources and benefits managers could make a stronger case for the value of health and wellness benefits by making senior leaders’ key business performance metrics – measures of what their organizations actually do, rather than simply the costs of doing it – a central outcome when reporting the results of their health-related [...]

Data Strategies for Managing Health and Productivity

Jan 1, 2013|

In response to shifting economic, market, political and demographic forces, employers are broadening their strategies in managing workforce health to encompass dimensions beyond just the cost of health care. As a result, they are not only focused on a new set of “business-relevant” health outcomes—such as absence, disability, health-related employee performance and their productivity consequences—but they are recognizing the need to [...]

Early, Aggressive Treatment Promotes Employee and Employer Value

Jun 1, 2012|

Employers are turning to value-based insurance designs to ensure that their investments in employee health result not only in improved health, but in improved productivity as well. A recent paper coauthored by IBI and Dr. Mark Fendrick of the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design, University of Michigan addressed why a broader approach to measuring the [...]

Data, Data Everywhere: The Search for Employer Value

May 1, 2012|

Last month Dr. Bruce Sherman and Dr. Parry co-authored an article in Population Health Management entitled “A Pragmatic Approach for Employers to Improve Measurement in Workforce Health and Productivity.” The article describes 10 key dimensions and metrics to help guide and refine the discussion of population health management among corporate senior leadership and an array of supplier [...]

Winning together: turning vendors into partners to improve workforce health and productivity

Jan 1, 2010|

Employers traditionally organize their health-related benefits programs in independent silos. The result is a patchwork of overlapping vendors often targeting the same group of people with chronic health conditions. As employers try to integrate their health-related programs with a more focused strategy, the question arises: how can I get my vendors to follow me in [...]

Why Should I Invest in the Health of My Employees – They’ll Only Leave Anyway?

Apr 1, 2008|

Employers invariably ask the key health-investment question: “Why should I invest in the health of my workforce? They don’t stick around long enough for us to get the return on that investment.” This view is usually heard from employers with high turnover rates or those with a relatively young, healthy workforce. Implicit in this comment [...]