Integrating Health Data

Social Media Posts Say More About Our Health Than We May Intend

Jun 18, 2019|

Status updates may be more useful than demographic factors in predicting certain health conditions. That’s the finding from a new study published in PLOS One. The authors linked words used in patients’ Facebook posts to their electronic medical records (EMR) in order to see if the ways people express themselves on social media gives clues [...]

2016 Integrated Health Care Report

May 18, 2016|

A summary of Anthem Inc.'s extensive research to date on integrated health care (IHC). IHC is an emerging employee benefits strategy that connects pharmacy, dental, vision, disability and absence management data to an employer’s population health program to reduce costs and improve health outcomes.The research clearly show that employers are starting to integrate their health [...]

Self-funded Playbook

Apr 4, 2016|

Whether you are considering self-funding your medical benefits plan for the first time or are an experienced pro, the Self-Funded Playbook will provide tips you can use immediately. It provides guidance for employers to help them make key decisions in funding arrangements, claims administration, and stop-loss insurance. It even includes an action plan so the [...]

Health-Related Lost Productivity: The Full Cost Of Absence

Feb 11, 2016|

Traditionally, absence and disability management programs have been marketed with claims of increasing the productivity of the employer's workforce. The challenge is how to translate these programs and services into specific employer gains. In this paper, we explore the productivity loss caused by employees who are away from work for medical reasons (absence and disability). [...]

CDHPs: Overcoming the Challenges for Managing Health and Productivity

Jun 30, 2015|

At the National Association of Health Underwriters’ (NAHU) annual meeting in New Orleans, Brian Gifford, IBI’s Director of Research and Measurement presented findings on consumer-driven health plans’ (CDHPs) challenges for managing health and productivity. The session described findings from IBI’s recent review of the CDHP research literature and lessons from Cummins Inc.’s and Kraft Foods’ [...]

Webinar: Metro Nashville Public Schools Links Teacher Health to Cost Savings & Academic Achievement

Jun 10, 2015|

On-site clinics and value-based healthcare benefits for teachers and administrative staff helped Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) save $2.8 million dollars in 2012. Perhaps more importantly, healthier teachers are associated with less employee absence and better school performance.  Please also read IBI's case study on the story. Panelists David Hines, Director of Employee Benefits [...]

How Kaiser Permanente Optimized Health and Productivity through Integrated Disability Management

Apr 1, 2014|

Speakers: Marlene Dines, National IDM Leader, Kaiser Permanente Nicole Stelter, PhD, Product Manager, Kaiser Permanente This presentation focused on optimizing employee health and productivity through Integrated Disability Management (IDM). Kaiser Permanente's task force of senior management and labor leaders is supported by a community of subject matter experts, which helps them map out how labor, [...]

Early, Aggressive Treatment Promotes Employee and Employer Value

Jun 1, 2012|

Employers are turning to value-based insurance designs to ensure that their investments in employee health result not only in improved health, but in improved productivity as well. A recent paper coauthored by IBI and Dr. Mark Fendrick of the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design, University of Michigan addressed why a broader approach to measuring the [...]