Measuring Outcomes

New Report: Employer’s role in using research-based healthcare evidence

Sep 6, 2018|

Using research-based evidence in making health and health care decisions seems logical. Yet, the journey from the research setting to the provider’s office is convoluted, takes an inordinate amount of time and often doesn’t make safe passage at all. To make this process more effective, employers must be included in the discussion given their significant [...]

Bringing real world outcomes to health care quality metrics

Jul 23, 2018|

Readiness for school and work can complement clinical outcomes In a post on Health Affairs' blog, a group of doctors and public health researchers identify school readiness as an important but overlooked health care quality metric. Given what is known about health and child development, assessing 5-year olds' school readiness (as well as more standard [...]

Behavioral Health And The Workplace: Productivity Costs And Solutions

Apr 22, 2016|

Employers and their benefit advisers face a complex array of carriers and third-party administrators when attempting to choose absence and disability providers. In the past, these choices often hinged upon price alone. Recent research and surveys have demonstrated that employee absence and disability cost more than previously thought. The provider choice can ultimately have major [...]

Understanding Presenteeism

Apr 15, 2016|

Presenteeism is difficult to measure and very few employers actually attempt to quantify it. Yet it is a topic of interest at many HR and benefits-related conferences and in publications. Employers concerned about the productivity of their workforces, along with their benefits advisors (brokers and consultants), have an opportunity to improve productivity by learning about [...]

Happiness and the Bottom Line: The Happy Worker Prescription

Apr 12, 2016|

In this white paper, Lincoln Financial Group introduces the “Happy Worker Prescription.” Lincoln Financial Group reviews the research literature connecting employee happiness and productivity, explore the components of happiness, and describe why the findings are critical to employer success in the modern economic environment. Lincoln Financial Group concludes with a 10-step “prescription” for maximizing employee [...]

Employee Health Benefits Executive Forum with IBI and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Jan 13, 2016|

Recently, a select group of business leaders from across the nation assembled in Washington, D.C., to address one of the most pressing challenges facing employers today: managing health care costs while improving worker productivity in the midst of a chronic disease epidemic. This invitation only Employee Health Benefits Executive Forum addressed how designing effective benefits [...]

Webinar: Metro Nashville Public Schools Links Teacher Health to Cost Savings & Academic Achievement

Jun 10, 2015|

On-site clinics and value-based healthcare benefits for teachers and administrative staff helped Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) save $2.8 million dollars in 2012. Perhaps more importantly, healthier teachers are associated with less employee absence and better school performance.  Please also read IBI's case study on the story. Panelists David Hines, Director of Employee Benefits [...]

By the Numbers: IBI presents the “Return” part of “Return on Investment” to the SVLG

Aug 25, 2014|

Employers are challenged with assessing the financial impact of their health and productivity management programs. IBI’s Dr. Brian Gifford provided guidance to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s 2014 Workplace Wellness Summit on how to get started in understanding the value of attendees’ health and productivity management efforts. The meeting was held at Microsoft Silicon Valley [...]

2014 IBI Forum Keynote: William Strahan, Comcast

Apr 2, 2014|

*Speakers:* William Strahan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Comcast Cable This year’s keynote presentation looked at the governance of disability and other leaves from the perspective of the head of human resources and the C-suite. At Comcast these issues are scrutinized at the board level. Strahan talked about how his team materially reduced the use [...]