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Work, Stress and Health Conference

Jun 12, 2017|

IBI Research Director Dr. Brian Gifford and Research Associate Betty Zong presented at the International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, Work, Stress and Health 2017: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minnesota, June 7-10, 2017. This conference was convened by the American Psychological Association, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and [...]

Planning for the Future Workforce: Leave Patterns Across Generations

Dec 8, 2016|

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY While most “Baby Boomers” will leave the workforce in the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that by 2024, one in five American workers will be age 55 or older. The aging workforce will pose a challenge for employers’ human capital management strategies as well as their efforts to [...]

Connecting Wellbeing to Business Performance

Dec 2, 2016|

Two forces are converging in the management of employer‐based health and related benefits. As benefits professionals recognize the need to treat workforce health as something more than simply healthcare costs, they are expanding their focus to include dimensions such as absence from work, disability, employee performance and productivity. This broader view is influencing how these [...]

Health Risk Factors as Predictors of Workers’ Compensation Claim Occurrence and Cost

Aug 30, 2016|

Spotlight on article published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine IBI Spotlights call attention to important health and productivity findings from peer-reviewed work. The research described in this particular Spotlight is authored or co-authored by an IBI researcher. IBI members are encouraged to obtain the original articles from the copyright holder._ What is the Issue? Millions [...]

Resources for Mental Health Awareness: Supporting Employee Wellbeing and Performance

May 11, 2016|

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the right time to learn how mental illness and job stress may affect your employees, their performance and your business. One in four Americans is affected by mental illness each year, and the World Health Organization says depression will be the costliest disease burden by 2020. When it comes [...]

Ill Employees in Unsupportive Workplaces Have More Absences and Lower Performance

Jul 27, 2015|

IBI’s newest study shows that unsupportive workplace climates –where employees perceive unsafe working conditions, low respect and trust, poor variety and learning and high workload – are associated with higher absence and lower job performance among ill employees. This study shows the importance of developing supportive work climates that can enhance, rather than undermine, employers’ [...]

Beyond Health Risks: Workplace Climate, Stress, Health and Sick Days

May 30, 2013|

The Issue: Employers seeking to improve workforce productivity have focused on reducing health risks while often paying scant attention to how workplace climate contributes to both health and to absence. In this IBI research, we find that: Evidence: Using data over three years from a nationally-representative survey of employed adults, IBI investigated the direct [...]

Does Your Job Make You Sick? Organizational Climate, Work Commitment and Sickness Absence

Mar 1, 2011|

The study suggests that workers stressed by a high work commitment may be more likely to suffer a recurrence of absence or be ineffective in early return to work. The earlier that employers can identify high-work-stress individuals, the greater likelihood an episode of sick leave or work disability can be prevented. A work climate with high levels of conflict, supervisors [...]