Return to Work

Department of Labor to fund state SAW/RTW demonstrations

Jul 9, 2018|

In May, IBI participated in Department of Labor (DoL) legislative policy recommendation sessions to advise on effective stay-at-work and return-to-work (SAW/RTW) strategies. The DoL's Office of Employment Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is continuing its SAW/RTW work with a $20 million grant program to state Departments of Labor, Workforce Development Agencies, and other government [...]

Should You Insource, Co-Source or Outsource Your Leave Management?

Apr 22, 2016|

The world of Leave and Absence Management is continually changing, due the complexity of managing leaves, legal and compliance requirements, and organizations’ desire to better track leaves and understand leave usage. Employers are seeking new ways to proactively manage leaves and absences, and stay ahead of this changing leave landscape. There are many ways to [...]

Accommodate, Don’t Terminate: Best Employer Practices For ADAAA Compliance

Feb 12, 2016|

Employers should not resort to terminating an employee without first considering all reasonable ADAAA accommodations. The cost to recruit and train a new employee - and defend a potential lawsuit - could be far more expensive than implementing a reasonable accommodation that enables an employee to return to work. To help navigate the legal complexities [...]

What Every Employer Needs to Know – Key Success Factors for Hiring People with Disabilities

Feb 12, 2016|

As part of a two-year research partnership, The Hartford and the University of Kansas released a white paper in 2015 that outlined the critical nature of a strong partnership between a supportive employer and a motivated employee with a disability. With a focus on The Hartford's Ability Philosophy - a long held belief in what [...]

Cancer in the Workplace – Supporting Treatment for Positive Employee and Employer Results

Dec 2, 2015|

The big “C” – cancer -- can cause panic and feelings of helplessness. These feelings, however, often are shared beyond the patients being screened or treated for the disease. Employers often are unsure of how to help their employees who have been diagnosed with cancer and desire to remain at work during treatment or [...]

Unmanaged Diabetes in the Workplace – Higher Worker Absence, Lower Performance

May 26, 2015|

This IBI report features the productivity implications of poorly managed diabetes drawing upon IBI’s 2013 Benchmarking data, prior IBI studies and others’ research. Together these findings suggest that when diabetes is managed well work-disruptive symptoms and events -- such as attendance problems, fatigue-related performance issues and work disability episodes -- are likely to diminish. Value-based [...]

Clinical and Behavioral Predictors of Short-Term Disability

Nov 17, 2014|

Preventing the need for disability leave is preferable to managing disability claims. At the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans, IBI Director of Research and Measurement Brian Gifford illustrated how modifiable health risks and biometric lab results predict employees’ later short-term disability (STD) claims. Analyzing data from Aetna disability claims, HRA survey [...]

Multi-Study Spotlight: Absence and Return-to-Work among Employees with Back Pain

May 15, 2014|

Spotlight on article published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine IBI Spotlights call attention to important health and productivity findings from peer-reviewed work by external researchers. Unless otherwise stated, the authors are not affiliated with IBI, nor was the research executed on IBI’s behalf. IBI members are encouraged to obtain the original articles from the copyright [...]

2014 IBI Forum Keynote: William Strahan, Comcast

Apr 2, 2014|

*Speakers:* William Strahan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Comcast Cable This year’s keynote presentation looked at the governance of disability and other leaves from the perspective of the head of human resources and the C-suite. At Comcast these issues are scrutinized at the board level. Strahan talked about how his team materially reduced the use [...]

Spotting Trends in a 20-Year Analysis of Employee Claims

Apr 2, 2014|

*Speakers:* Sara Hart, Sr. Director, Corporate Benefits, Con-way Inc. Gary Fritsch, Product Manager, Reporting and Analytics, Cigna Steven Halpern, MD, Senior Medical Director, Cigna Over the past 20 years, advancements in medical care have caused drastic changes. Medical innovations and practice improvements have caused health care providers and employers to struggle to maintain an accurate [...]