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Health Risk Factors as Predictors of Workers’ Compensation Claim Occurrence and Cost

Aug 30, 2016|

Spotlight on article published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine IBI Spotlights call attention to important health and productivity findings from peer-reviewed work. The research described in this particular Spotlight is authored or co-authored by an IBI researcher. IBI members are encouraged to obtain the original articles from the copyright holder._ What is the Issue? Millions [...]

Medication Adherence, Co-morbidities and Health Risk Impacts on Absence and Job Performance

Jun 1, 2011|

The study found that even for a population of employees receiving disease- and medication management services and who were largely compliant in filling their prescriptions, the relative presence of health risk factors is a significant predictor of job performance, while co-morbidity – the presence of more than one chronic disease – is associated with absence. [...]