Weight Control

They lost the weight … why didn’t productivity increase?

Jan 24, 2019|

It is pretty well known that poor health is related to lost productivity. And the links between unhealthy body weight—particularly obesity—and poor health are stronger still. Although the relationships between obesity, disease, and productivity are complex, combining these two simple ideas gives a pretty straightforward model of how obesity may contribute to more absenteeism and [...]

IBI Research: Chronic Health Conditions, Workplace Productivity and Accidents

Feb 27, 2015|

Spotlight on article published in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine IBI Spotlights call attention to important health and productivity findings from peer-reviewed work. The research described in this particular Spotlight is authored or co-authored by an IBI researcher. IBI members are encouraged to obtain the original articles from the copyright holder. What is the [...]

Capitol Hill Chronic Disease Briefing

Jul 9, 2014|

The Congressional Wellness Caucus and the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) hosted a briefing on June 26th, 2014 about the impact of chronic, non communicable disease and look beyond just medical costs to more holistically consider total productivity, particularly among the federal workforce. According to a modeling tool developed by the Integrated Benefits Institute [...]

Workers’ Comp – It’s Not Just What Happens at Work

Jul 1, 2009|

Workers’ compensation is just for work injury and illness, right? In theory, perhaps, but research at Duke University shows there isn't the bright line the systems assume. Personal health issues that have little to do with work can have a profound effect on workers’ compensation, dramatically increasing costs, durations and claim incidence. Obesity is such [...]

Heading Upstream

Mar 1, 2009|

UVA researchers published lost-time results from a randomized control study of the impacts of low-cost, active engagement with employees with diabetes and obesity compared to furnishing written weight management education material to a control group. The intervention involved six counseling sessions with a registered dietician over the year study period. The results, expressed as absent/disabled/impaired days, [...]