Our work emphasizes that healthy, productive employees promote healthy business.

As the leading research organization in health and productivity, the Institute provides the data, research and tools professionals need to make sound decisions in how they invest in the health of their workforces.

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3 key steps for employers to know what good looks like:

  • Find out what works for your peers

  • Know the criteria to evaluate solutions and providers

  • Set expectations by understanding what results to expect

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3 key steps for suppliers to show what value looks like:

  • Keep up with market trends and employer needs

  • Illustrate how your services and solutions meet market needs

  • Build compelling business cases to show expected results

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IBI helps members make decisions with confidence by delivering impartial research provided by highly experienced subject matter experts and leveraging the most extensive database in the industry.

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What Sets IBI Apart

Benchmarking & Research

Impartial Research and Unparalleled Benchmarking

IBI is the leading independent research organization drawing on integrated data to crystallize the full impacts of benefit choices by employers. IBI’s research connects health and wellbeing; medical/pharmacy plan design and care; and absence, productivity and business performance so that efforts are aligned and not working at cross purposes, simply shifting costs within an organization.

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IBI Member Network

IBI Member Network

While many organizations offer networking opportunities, IBI goes beyond program silos and the walls of a convention center.

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Data to Action Resources

Modeling Tools when Data are Limited

Members leverage our online self-service modeling tools to demonstrate the relative program contributors to all health and productivity costs. Whether your focus is on absence , the full economic impact of poor health or the productivity impact of chronic health conditions, IBI’s tools can change the conversation when you have limited data and want to tell a broader story.

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A Highly Credible Source to Get Answers

"IBI provides research that is unbiased and pure, not influenced by money or marketing. It also attracts higher level decision makers."

Phil Lacy, Trion Group

"The networking and idea exchange with other IBI members, learning about what they are doing – I use those insights to help me think differently about work that I do."

Bruce Sherman, Conduent
"Their extensive experience in this field and the database and tools to access the data, there is nothing else like it. There are consulting houses who do this for a cost, and they may not be as good."
Dexter Shurney, Cummins

"Their reputation of having unbiased credibility and the quality of individuals that it attracts from a networking standpoint carries a lot of clout."

Kevin Mead, Novo Nordisk

"IBI possesses an ability to leverage its database and insights to link the 3Ps to health and wellbeing. They are leading from the front as to what initiatives, interventions, and strategies employers and suppliers can take to influence outcomes."

Don Potter, UHC

"IBI's reputation is best in class, predominantly because of the validity of the research."

Scott Daniels, Comcast

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