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How should a company determine where and how to invest in the health and wellbeing of its workforce?

We help companies link health-related programs to the outcomes that maximize employee productivity and business performance.

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  • Data and first-hand experience to learn what has and hasn't worked

  • Tools to determine what solutions and services would be best

  • Action plans and resources to know what results to expect

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  • Independent research and business-relevant metrics for informed decision-making

  • One free industry report from the largest industry-specific benchmarking database (additional reports available for a fee)

  • No-selling networking opportunities at annual forum, regional events and online
  • Practical guidance, specific steps, best practices and tips from peers

  • Online cost estimators to assess investments in health benefits

  • Business cases and case studies to put your health and wellbeing plan into action

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  • "The ability to take the 2 concepts--Health and Wellbeing--and to be in a position to validate whether something is working or not working with data and metrics is powerful. It is why Comcast continues to stay involved with IBI."

    Scott Daniels Comcast

  • "Their extensive experience in this field and the database and tools to access the data, there is nothing else like it. There are consulting houses who do this for a cost, and they may not be as good."

    Dexter Shurney Cummins

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