A joint IBI-Conference Board national conference on health and productivity

Two organizations uniquely qualified to address the full dimensions of workforce health and productivity as they cut across all programs in the value equation

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During this conference, we’ll address the full dimensions of workforce health and productivity as they cut across all programs in the value equation.

Forum content will focus on the interrelationships among four key topic areas:

Health and wellbeing:

  • How does poor health influence the ability of our employees to do their jobs?
  • How do healthy workers impact medical costs, leave from work and the performance of our business?
  • And what additional costs do we take on to avoid business losses when people don’t perform? What are proven strategies to engage employees in health and wellbeing improvement?

Medical and pharmacy plan design and care:

  • Is our health plan working for or against enrollees' efforts to become better health-care consumers?
  • What are plan designs trying to accomplish and how do co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance fit in?
  • How do we get beyond unit costs for both care and prescription drugs, and focus on the total cost of care and resulting outcomes?
  • How will specialty pharmaceuticals and biosimilars fit into the equation?

Absence, disability and productivity:

  • Does our plan effectively address the top drivers of illness-related lost productivity?
  • How do other policies such as work accommodations and disability insurance mesh with the design of our health plan?
  • How will work accommodations support employee and business needs?
  • What are the implications of a total-absence-management policy?
  • How do we better understand the impact of absence on our business?

Data, metrics and reporting:

  • What are the data and metrics that are critical for employers to understand and how can their vendor partners help them in understanding the full array of costs and outcomes?
  • How can data and reporting be made simpler and more understandable for employers, so that cost shifting from one program to another is reduced?
  • How can data and reporting be linked across health and related programs rather than reflect separate initiatives?

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September 19 - 20, 2019 | Swissotel Chicago

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Sponsored plenary, breakout, and pre-conference sessions in addition to the limited number of un-sponsored breakout sessions. An exhibit hall also will be integrated into the event for the first time.

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