The following is a list of upcoming events to help you plan ahead for 2020:

 March 17

Webinar at 2:00pm EST

Integrating Employer and Patient- Centered Approaches to Benefit Design & Delivery

The Integrated Benefits Institute and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions surveyed over 200 employers to understand whether and how employees’ needs and goals are factored in the design and implementation of benefit programs in their companies. This webinar will discuss the survey results as well as include an employer panel discussion to review the value strategy of incorporating employees needs and interests around their benefits programs.

 April 9

Webinar at 1:00pm EST

Understanding the Business Value of the Patient-Provider Relationship

Recent research conducted by IBI fellow Adrienne Sabety, Harvard Ph.D. candidate in Health Policy Economics demonstrates what happens when there are disturbances to patient-provider relationships and the influence it has on health care consumption and overall health. Join IBI and chief medical officers from various companies for a webinar that will dive into those findings and the business implications, as well as discuss how companies have factored it into their workforce health management decisions.

 April 22

Regional Event (Oakland)

Biosimilars: The Next Frontier

With many of the biologics facing patent expiration in the upcoming years, the biosimilar market has the foundation for future growth. This potentially presents unique opportunities to reduce healthcare costs and expand access to more affordable treatments for patients. By attending this event hosted by PBGH and IBI, participants can expect to leave the day with an understanding of the potential for biosimilars and the importance of promoting their use in order to sustain the research momentum and competitive force for market growth.

April 22

Symposium (Louisville, KY)

Moving Upstream of the Opioid Epidemic

Join the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative (KHC) for their half day event to learn about pain – where we’ve come from, where we are, and how employers can drive where we need to go.

IBI Research Erin Peterson will be presenting a framework to help employers better understand the full economic impact of a healthy workforce, and how the interests of employee health and business outcomes can be aligned—using IBI’s research on opioids as a case example. She will discuss how the high rates of prescription pain reliever use in the workforce reflects a larger underlying need for effective pain management which can in turn help improve productivity as well as detail strategies for businesses to prevent or alleviate the consequences of pain reliever misuse.
 September 14-16

Conference (Chicago)

IBI/Conference Board Health and Productivity Forum

The Forum annually convenes more than 500 thought leaders, employers, and their industry partners to explore innovative solutions in managing the “whole picture” of health, wellbeing, productivity and business performance. The Forum will take place this year on September 15-16, 2020 at the Marriott Marquis Chicago with pre-conference workshops beginning in the afternoon of the 14th.