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How the IBIBridge platform works for employers

Employer-members sign up online at no cost at

Each employer participant identifies his/her general areas of interest (health/wellbeing; medical/pharmacy design and care; absence/disability/productivity; data and metrics) in order to be alerted to relevant content from IBIBridge. Participants can then follow discussion groups in which they are interested.

Each discussion group will focus on questions, strategies and results related to the topic. Employers can post content within a discussion group for comment by other employer participants. IBI will curate popular and relevant questions to be anonymously posted to the subject matter expert portal and subject matter expert responses will be anonymously posted to the employer group for evaluation and further discussion.

Employers will have the option of direct messaging any of the subject matter expert respondents, which will pierce the veil of anonymity for both parties and allow direct conversation to begin.

They may also direct message other employer participants to engage in private discussion, and they will receive an annual report summarizing the top content of their issue areas.