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How the IBIBridge platform works for suppliers

  1. Each solution-provider member of IBI may register subject-matter experts (SMEs) to participate in the four issue areas of IBIBridge. Pending approval, they will be added to the subject-matter expert list.
  2. Discussions will take place in the employer portal. Many of these discussions will revolve around employers posing a question for discussion, which IBI staff will post to the SME forum for response. Responses will be posted to the employer discussion group but will not be observable by other SMEs to protect confidential and proprietary information.
  3. Employers may message any SME directly based on a response posted to the employer discussion forum or directly through the SME profile. Once an employer messages a SME, the identity of both individuals will become known to the other.
  4. To maximize insights from the discussion groups, IBI solution-provider members will receive quarterly reports on key topics and an annual report based on the employer discussions in each of the four issue areas. Depth of the report will be based on solution-provider membership level.