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IBI Member Network

A no-selling platform for interaction and discovery for members to share experiences and exchange ideas.

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IBI Annual Forum

Annual Forum

A joint IBI-Conference Board national conference on health and productivity. Two organizations uniquely qualified to address the full dimensions of workforce health and productivity as they cut across all programs in the value equation.

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Regional Events

IBI frequently hosts half-day workshops across the country, bringing together employer members to explore new research and share their experiences.

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IBI Online Events

Online Events

IBI hosts educational webinars as well as interactive discussions on social media platforms.

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"IBI's reputation is best in class, predominantly because of the validity of the research."

Scott Daniels, Comcast

"The ability to take the 2 concepts--Health and Wellbeing--and to be in a position to validate whether something is working or not working with data and metrics is powerful. It is why Comcast continues to stay involved with IBI."

Scott Daniels, Comcast
"Their extensive experience in this field and the database and tools to access the data, there is nothing else like it. There are consulting houses who do this for a cost, and they may not be as good."
Dexter Shurney, Cummins

"IBI provides research that is unbiased and pure, not influenced by money or marketing. It also attracts higher level decision makers."

Phil Lacy, Trion Group

"Their reputation of having unbiased credibility and the quality of individuals that it attracts from a networking standpoint carries a lot of clout."

Kevin Mead, Novo Nordisk

"The networking and idea exchange with other IBI members, learning about what they are doing – I use those insights to help me think differently about work that I do."

Bruce Sherman, Conduent

"IBI possesses an ability to leverage its database and insights to link the 3Ps to health and wellbeing. They are leading from the front as to what initiatives, interventions, and strategies employers and suppliers can take to influence outcomes."

Don Potter, UHC

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