Project Description

Webinar Recording: IBI Leave and Disability Benchmarking: Introduction, Insights, and Analysis

IBI’s Disability and Leave Benchmarking system is the nation’s largest dataset of claims from employer-sponsored short-term disability, long-term disability, federal family and medical leave, and Workers’ Compensation benefits programs.

Industry Benchmarking reports for calendar year 2018 are based on our largest, most comprehensive dataset ever: 17 carriers and TPAs provided 9.4 million claims from more than 100,000 employer policies spanning nearly 900 SIC industry codes.

Brian Gifford, IBI’s Director of Research and Analytics, gives a guided tour of the benchmarking system. Both the underlying data and the online interfaces are covered. Viewers will come away with a better understanding of what the data mean, how to use the information to understand a company’s leave and disability outcomes compared to industry peers, and where to identify opportunities to produce better results.

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