Benchmarking Analytics: Costs and Durations of Short-Term Disability Claims for Pregnancy


IBI analyzed short-term disability (STD) leave outcomes for pregnancy claims in its Disability and Leave Benchmarking data. Some findings to highlight include:

  • From 2013 to 2015, two-thirds of pregnancy STD claims were for normal delivery. One in six pregnancy claims were for cesarean delivery and nearly 1 in 8 were for pregnancy complications.
  •  The average normal delivery claim was 53 days in duration with 31 lost workdays, and cost $3,800. The longest and most expensive claims were for complications of pregnancy and labor.
  • Pregnancy complications had the largest range of outcomes—but generally, the payment ranges across pregnancy types were more similar than the ranges of duration and lost workday outcomes.
Full findings can be reviewed in the report.

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