Get the Watch Working: Integration Across Benefits Purchasing Health Promotion and Health Protection


Two forces are converging in the management of employer‐based health and related benefits. As benefits professionals recognize the need to treat workforce health as something more than simply healthcare costs, they are expanding their focus to include dimensions such as absence from work, disability, employee performance and productivity. This broader view is influencing how these professionals are designing and measuring the impact of benefits plans, programs and interventions. At the same time, a growing number of employers understand that health is only part of a human capital management strategy that can influence broader “health‐as‐business‐value” outcomes. Organizational dimensions such as employee wellbeing, corporate culture and employee engagement are being seen as opportunities to create a more integrated and holistic strategy in managing workforce health and human capital and to more broadly influence their impacts on business performance. This report examines the evidence on connecting employee wellbeing and business value.

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