Infographic: Exploring the Mental Health Landscape of Adolescents, Young Adults, and Working Caregivers


The interconnectedness of mental health challenges across families and workplaces underscores the importance of comprehensive mental health benefits and a supportive work environment to address the needs of employed caregivers and their families. IBI's latest report provides actionable insights for employers and policymakers to support the mental health needs of adolescents, young adults, and caregivers, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more productive workforce. 

Highlights from IBI's analysis:

  • 26% of adolescents and young adults responded that they needed mental health treatment in the past four weeks.
  • 41% of adolescents and young adults have used a behavioral app in the past.
  • 34% of caregivers experiencing severe mental distress have a child who needs mental health treatment, compared to 15% who are experiencing severe mental health distress who have a child that does not need treatment.
  • 67% of caregivers whose child needed treatment reported missing 3+ days of work, compared to 33% of caregivers without a child needing treatment.
  • 78% of caregivers whose child needed treatment report a reduction in work performance, compared to 22% of caregivers whose child did not need treatment.

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