Infographic: Workplace Flexibility 2023


IBI would like to share an insightful new report we recently analyzed- the 2023 Workplace Flexibility Index. This index compiles data on flexible work policies across over 7,000 US companies, representing 100 million employees. We used the Flex Index data to create an infographic highlighting key trends.

  • 87% of companies now offer some form of location flexibility, whether full-time remote work, hybrid policies, or employee choice programs. Only 13% still require full-time office work.
  • Technology and media companies lead in offering flexibility, while retail, hospitality, and food service trail behind.
  • Small companies with less than 500 employees are most likely to be fully remote. Mid-size companies have proven slower to embrace flexibility.

This index is part of a broader vision to provide clarity and insights into how top employers are approaching flexible work arrangements post-pandemic.

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