Benefits available to IBI supplier members:

Stakeholder Charter Associate Affiliate
Annual Fees $50,000 $25,000 $10,000 $2,500
IBI Policy and Programs
Board of Directors membership and opportunity for Executive Committee membership  
Setting IBI program & policy direction and resource commitments
Access to IBI staff for research partnerships and analysis advice
Participate in setting IBI’s research agenda via a seat on the Research Committee
Access IBI survey databases
Monthly research products
Periodic employer issue papers and case studies
Web access to focused research analyses and summaries
Absence, Lost Productivity and Health Measurement/Modeling
Create custom reports from IBI’s industry-largest occ/non-occ benchmarking database using our online Datbase Query tool
Access complete Full Cost Estimator tool results and review with IBI staff
Access benchmark reports by SIC industry code for Workers’ Comp, STD, LTD & FML Unlimited Unlimited 60 reports/yr
Access to IBI proprietary lost-productivity calculator and modeling tools
Individual annual briefing and joint strategic plan development with IBI President
Staff participation in client/internal colleagues seminars
Staff participation in client/internal colleagues webinars
Access to IBI members-only website
Market Perspectives (submission of thought-leadership publications)
No-cost sponsored membership for employer clients
Discounted fees when attending National forum; free regional program attendance
Monthly web-based newsletter highlighting latest research and trends
Webinars on new IBI research

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