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Powerful and easy-to-use, IBI tools and analytics can help you frame the issues your company faces, assess benefits program performance and understand the health and productivity of your workforce. In other words, this is how you can know what good looks like. Use these tools to examine how your company is performing, or to jump-start a conversation around health and productivity with internal and external partners.


Understand the total cost of absence in your company. What it estimates:

  • Overall absence costs

  • Wage replacement payments

  • Lost productivity costs

  • Total lost workdays

  • Lost workdays per full-time employee

  • Potential health-related absence reduction savings

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Utilize the largest employer benchmarking database in the U.S. No one has more data from more companies and more carriers in:

  • Disability and leave outcomes by industry

  • Reports for short- and long-term disability

  • Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Worker’s Compensation

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