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Employee Benefit Adviser Nov 29, 2018
“When two large companies merge in different segments of the healthcare industry, one of two outcomes is often the case: better integrate their operations to drive broader value to employers — in this case, better medication adherence, better care, lower costs and greater productivity. Or operate the two entities as stand-alone with a segmented profit-maximizing focus. We’ll watch closely to see which model prevails.”
“It’s critical that employers understand how strategies for managing healthcare spend — such as cost- shifting to employees or ensuring better access and more cost-effective care — can impact the kinds of conditions that drive illness-related lost productivity.”
“To put this in further context, the cost of poor health to employers is greater than the combined revenues of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, EBAY and Adobe.”
BenefitsPRO Nov 15, 2018
"Not only do employees covered by sick time, workers’ compensation, disability and family and medical leave benefits miss about 893 million days a year due to illness, they also rack up an estimated 527 million lost work days due to impaired performance."
Workers Compensation Nov 15, 2018
"US employers spent $880 billion for healthcare-related expenses in 2017, which averages out to 60 cents of every dollar that employers spent."
“There’s not a CEO or CFO that can placidly accept their business expending the equivalent of almost two-thirds of their health care dollars on lost productivity. Illness costs this country hundreds of billions of dollars and we can no longer afford to ignore the health of our workforce.”
"[E]mployers would save $4.4 million in lost productivity costs ($3.2 million from reduced short-term disability incidence, and another $1.2 million from declining disability duration)."
"An Integrated Benefits Institute study of 17 employer groups found that if all 5,483 employees with RA who were previously non-adherent to RA medicines began to fill their prescriptions at the same rate as those who did adhere, their employers would save $4.4 million in lost productivity costs."
Pfizer Nov 7, 2018
"Researchers at the Integrated Benefits Institute found that a decrease in rheumatoid arthritis medicines led to increased incidence and longer duration of short-term disability leave."
"IBI's research shows how often employers’ short-term disability (STD) insurance policies incur claims for several conditions impacted by climate change. These result in lost income for employees and lost productivity for employers and society-at-large—all of which may become more severe in the wake of extreme climate events."
"Employers may tackle time away from work program issues individually to meet an immediate need, or collectively as a comprehensive strategy. Such a strategy would include data analytics across health and lost-time programs, absence policies that meet today’s needs for the employer and employee, health and wellness programs targeting modifiable health behaviors, and absence program administration that is aligned to operational goals."
American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits Jun 20, 2018
“Even though migraine is common, employers have not focused on it because the treatments have been relatively inexpensive. The productivity losses we found in this report should help a lot of companies understand the real impact it has on their bottom line—especially considering that migraine is both underdiagnosed and undertreated."
The Journal Gazette Jun 17, 2018
"Tobacco use, the opioid epidemic and obesity together cost Indiana more than $10 billion in additional health care costs last year. ... A study by economists with the Integrated Benefits Institute in 2012 showed U.S. employers lost $576 billion in lost productivity and increases in insurance costs."

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Press Release: Poor Health Costs US Employers $530 Billion and 1.4 Billion Work Days of Absence and Impaired Performance According to Integrated Benefits Institute

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