Full Cost Estimator (FCE)

The FCE helps you model the costs of poor health in the workplace, including absence, disability, presenteeism and opportunity costs all in a single online tool.

The Full Cost Estimator Tool

The business costs of illness go beyond your spend for health benefits. Avoidable absences and impaired job performance also impact the bottom-line.

Understanding the full costs of illness is the first step towards knowing the value of a healthy, high-performing workforce. IBI's Full Cost Estimator (FCE) models the absence, disability, presenteeism and opportunity costs of illness based on millions of disability claims in IBI's Disability and Leave Benchmarking data, survey responses to the Health and Productivity Questionnaire (HPQ), and nationally-representative data from the CDC and BLS.

Begin by selecting an industry and providing a headcount. That's all the information the tool needs to generate a model based on industry averages. You can then refine the model based on your company's own benefits policies. View the list of NAICS codes supported by online FCE.

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A sample report and more information are outlined in the table below:
Sample Report
  • Health care benefits spend
  • Sick day absences & wage replacements
  • Workers’ comp medical, lost time & wage replacements
  • STD and LTD workdays and wage replacements
  • Non-concurrent FMLA absences
  • Lost work time from presenteeism
  • Opportunity costs of lost work time
  1. Provide an employee headcount for the basic report
  2. Adjust information about compensation, benefits eligibility, and wage replacement policies to produce findings targeted towards specific companies
Employer and affiliate members: Summary results (costs and lost work time)


Associate members: Summary results + total costs and lost work time by program

Stakeholder and Charter members: Summary results + total costs and lost work time by program + detailed results for each program

Free to IBI members according to their level of membership


Full results available to Employer, Affiliate and Associate members for $500 per report


Employer and Affiliate Members

Employer and Affiliate members have access to total absence and presenteeism outcomes.

Use the FCE Tool

Associate Members

Associate members have access to absences and costs for different types of leaves.


Stakeholder and Charter Members

Stakeholder and Charter members have access to full details on leave rates, PEPYs, and more.


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  • Illustrate how your services and solutions meet market needs